Parker | One Year Photos | Baby's First Year Collection

I just adore these little ladies. So excited to share miss Parker's one year photos! Her spunk, her determination, even her cute little serious scowl face. haha But my favorites are all her cuddles - with her big sis (melt!) and mom and dad. She's the finishing piece to this family of four and it's such a joy to watch her grow. She is an example of when good things finally come about to a good family and doubles the size of her mama's and dada's hearts. <3 

Check out the series of Parker's first year here; maternity photos, newborn photos, six moth photos!

Camilla | 6 Month Photos | Baby's First Year | Spokane

You're just not ready. Really. You're just now. To narrow down this blog post was about impossible. I could post Camilla's entire session because I just CANNOT get over it. I could photograph this smiley girl all day! I absolutely love the six month mark before they start burning down their baby rolls, before crawling, when they just smile at anything. It's such a joy to see my families and babies grow in their first year. The Baby's First Year Collection has been such a blessing for developing relationships with such amazing families. See you for your one year, Camilla! 

Enjoy some pure baby goodness, big brown eyes, and gummy toothless smiles! 

Chrissy & Eric | Engagement Mini Session | Spokane

This was the last session of Spring Mini Session Day. This was Chrissy & Eric's engagement photo session. This was an absolute spring downpour (seriously soaked in 2 minutes). And this was love. When you just keep dancing and twirling and kissing and laughing. 

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait for their wedding at the Paulsen Penthouse this August. Is it wrong of me to secretly hope for a little rain? Just kidding, Chrissy ;) But seriously, when you love like this, a downpour turns into beauty and fun. I hope this spirit carries them their whole marriage! 

Westley's 6 Month Photos | Spokane

You guys, this post was pure torture! Seriously. You know why?! Because all the CUTE! How could I possibly narrow down the photos?! All the different expressions, the rolls, the falling over, the animal buddies, omg!! I just can't handle it. Also, Westley has a very special place in my heart having done his birth photos and now all his first year milestones. It's such a joy and a treat to watch him grow over the year - how is it flying by so fast?! Again, another reason why I am in love with the Baby's First Year Collection. So please, on this afternoon, take a break and enjoy the pure awesomeness of six month old Westley! P.S. Nakey baby rolls at the very end. You're welcome. 

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Keenan Family Photos | Spokane

My dear friend Jenny, her infectious smile, her adorable husband and daughter, and the cutest little baby sister bump. I love how this random, impromptu side of the road location worked out after our other spot got squashed (thank you for trusting me and being flexible!). I've been photographing the Keenans since they were expecting Josie, and I am so honored when I get to continue photographing them as their family grows. It is truly the best. (Here's Jo last year in the beautiful fall leaves at Manito.) The awesome part of photographing year after year is each time Josie has gotten more and more comfortable with me. A little bit quiet and shy at first, I am so rewarded by her sweet smiles and the fact that she will come running towards me now! Love this trio and can't wait to meet baby! Thank you for being such sweet friends and the easiest peasiest of models. :) 

Connell Family | Fall Mini Barn Mini Session | Green Bluff

To say that I'm obsessed with this little hidden gem of a location from the Fall Mini Sessions is an understatement. I actually am not featuring the mini barn in this entry, but all the glorious nature surrounding it. The changing colors, the trees, and this incredibly cute family - the Connells. I'm so in love with how sweet Hannah and Jack were with each other. I mean just adoring and cuddly - unreal. I love James's face when he kids tackle him with kisses. Connell family, so happy to have spend this beautiful moment with you last fall - getting excited for more mini session days this year! If you want to be notified of upcoming Mini Sessions days in 2016, get on my email list here.