Birth Story of Westley | Spokane Birth Photography

So happy to share with you the birth story of little mister Westley. I could not say enough about how much I love this family and the entire birth experience they shared with me. To have a couple trust me to be in their birth space is a pretty incredible thing. How am I so lucky?! The evening was perfect. Sarah was amazing and fought through to deliver an amazing little boy. In between contractions she was asking questions and making sure everyone else was taken care of. Such a giving soul. Jake's expressions were priceless. His excitement was palpable; his adoration of his wife and son was endearing. He was able to catch his son and present him up to Sarah. What an incredible moment! 

After Westley entered this world at 7:03 pm, he was welcomed by extended family. Talk about love. The squeals, the tears, the hugs, everyone was instantly in love. We joke that I will be taking Westley's senior pictures someday, and I truly hope that happens. Excited to spend this year documenting this sweet boy and his family.