Birth Photography

Birth photography is my most valued offering as a creative. To me, there's nothing more beautiful than a baby being born, lovers becoming parents, a family being made.

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When photographing your birth day my goal is to document it as it happens, documentary style, so you can look back and remember all the details of that day. Every birth experience is incredibly different. No matter how a birth happens, it is personal and wonderful. You are doing miraculous work, my dear. All anyone wants is a healthy mom and baby. I am an advocate of empowered birth stories—what ever that may mean for you and your family. I simply want to give the story back to you and your child to have for a lifetime.


  • Pre-birth consultation with mom and dad
  • Together we decide details of when I arrive and what you want out of your photos
  • Price is determined individually for each client
  • Attend c-section, hospital, home, birth-center births and more
  • Permission from your birth care provider is to be provided in advance
  • I am unobtrusive and simply in the background, never asking anything of you, and only engaging as you desire.

Contact me for pricing and availability.