Peters Family | Maternity Photos | Finch Arboretum, Spokane

Meet Jake and Sarah...and Westley (notice the nod to his namesake book - The Princess Bride). :) These three hold a special place in my heart as I will be with them from maternity photos, birth photos and all through Westley's first year! It's going to be an amazing journey to be part of and this is only the beginning! This is a couple who truly knows the meaning of building a family. Sarah gave the best compliment she could possibly give me when she posted this to instagram:

Just got our maternity pictures back and I just want to share them all with you! Jonna is seriously the best photographer! Jake and I hate getting our pictures taken and they rarely turn out good, but she did an amazing job! We never felt stressed or unnatural, it was just like hanging out with a friend who happened to have a camera in her hands! can’t wait for our birth and newborn pictures!

I am so honored to be a part of this fun-loving, family-centered, laid-back couple's journey with their son. Please send positive thoughts their way for a healthy, happy birth coming soon.