Sohn | Spring Mini Session | Maternity Photos

I've photographed Avery since he could barely walk and just recently I was able to photograph the Sohns becoming a family of four at the birth of little brother. Today it's a throw back to their family maternity photos taken during Spring Mini Session day. I cannot wait to share the rest of the story and introduce you to little brother! Love these last photos as a family of 3! 

Maier Family Maternity Photos | Spokane | Bowl & Pitcher

Motherhood, parenting, family life - it's all complex and beautiful and nuanced. And it takes a village, this I know for true. But not just to raise our children, but to keep each other happy and sane and no alone. Enter my dear friends, the Maiers. I am beyond thankful for the mother heart of my friend Stephanie and the determined and generous spirit of Mike. Steph is honest and vulnerable, which allows the rest of us to let our hair down and get real about the take out, compression socks, booger noses, and so on. As Mike and Stephanie welcome baby number three, their circle of family and friends is holding them up in love and support. As you can tell, Paige and Carter are SO EXCITED about baby brother. It's crazy to think that we all get to dote on this new little being within the coming days. Thank you, friends, for making the trek to Spokane to bless me with the opportunity to photograph you!

Hemmer Family | Maternity Photos | Manito Park, Spokane

Meet the Hemmer Family! Again, a family I am so thankful to have met. Great and generous, loving hearts. I absolutely cannot wait to go through baby Cora's first year with them.  And I cannot wait to watch their family grow. Casey and Matt, thank you for choosing me to come along for your journey. Lucille, congratulations on your big sister status!  Also, yay that we scored perfect weather for this 20 minute mini session in Manito Park. 

Broden Family | Maternity Photos | Fall in Spokane

Meet Amber & Josiah who will be welcoming a new baby girl this fall. They are full of joy for this little girl and I just love it! Amber, you have such a fierce and tender heart for your children - I am rooting for you. The beauty of the Baby Collection is in how much I get to be a part of the journey with my JJP families. I feel so honored to be welcomed into their lives, their most special moments. This maternity session was full of light on a beautiful fall evening in Spokane. I cannot wait to continue on this journey with this family through the birth of their daughter and all the way through her first year. Thank you for trusting me with your family's birth story.

Hebert Family | Maternity Photos | Spokane

"Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in our hearts." - Winnie the Pooh

So pleased to share photos of these three who are about to be four! They tromped around with me to random (and sneeze inducing) locations to get these great backgrounds, and I'm so thankful! It was just perfect.

Can you tell how excited big sister is?! I just love the expressions! Baby sister is coming into a world of love and support. So excited to meet baby this summer! 

Scheele Family | Maternity Photos | Liberty Lake, WA

In loveeee with this. The Scheele family. That adorable baby bump! The gorgeous Liberty Lake sun. Quinn's perfect red hair. It was a pretty great day. Ben, Katie and Quinn...I'm so happy to have met you. Baby brother is going to be so lucky to join your family. I'm so thankful that you wanted to document this pregnancy and this stage of life. Can't wait to meet baby!

Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory.” - Dr. Seuss

This family photo session took about an hour roaming around Liberty Lake Park for some lifestyle maternity family photos.