Martin Family - Maternity Session - Spokane

Be prepared for the Martin family take over the start of this blog! For one, I just love them. Two, the timing is perfect - I got to do their maternity, birth and newborn photos - woop! And three, I decided to post my work moving forward from the time I start this blog instead of going back. So here we go!

What you can't tell from these photos is that one person fell off a log and another person got stung by bees multiple times in the oops...sorry guys! lol It was memorable for sure. :)

It was so special to get some of just the three of them before their family of four was complete. And seriously, how gorgeous is Ashley at nearly 40 weeks pregnant - ah, love it! Enjoy the adorable Toby, Ashley and Lily only a few days before they welcomed Baby Brother into the world!