Archer turns 7 months old | Spokane Mini Session | Children

This post is a very special one for me. Several reasons.

1. This age is about my favorite ever! (although I say that about every age..ssh) The smiles are happening. Kids are sitting on their own. And most importantly, they're putting on the chub by the handfuls. Yum! 

2. This photography journey became "official" for me just 7 months ago with Archer's birth (those photos here).  A day am I forever thankful to have been a part of. Since then, I have met dozens of amazing, sweet families! I am continually overwhelmed by people's kindness, generosity, and appreciation for the photos I give them.

3. This took us 15 minutes. That might not sound like a big deal, but for me it is. It means that I've learned a lot. It means I read Archer and his limits, and personality, read this room and its light, knew my abilities to get it right in camera, knew this age and what positions work, and know that families are busy. 

4. The most important thing about this is what his mom Ashley said after. Scroll to the bottom to see her reaction. It is this type of sentiment I hear from clients that makes me happiest of all. It is why I do this. 

Now carry on with the scrumptious Mr. Archer and all his expressions! Ladies, brace your ovaries.

I teared up, then I laughed out loud, then I wondered in amazement how you captured this beautiful moment when I hadn’t showered and smelled of baby spit up and sweat. Lol! Seriously, every frame is so great! They are all my favorites. Perma mommy grin over here.
— Ashley

Mini Sessions are the best for birthdays and kiddo milestones when attention spans are short anyway! Or even for husbands for that matter. ;) Oh and don't forget, today we make our relationship Facebook official. Thanks friends!