Martin Family Welcomes Baby Archer - Birth Photos - Spokane

Here is the photo story of the birth of little mister Archer Thayer Martin.

When Ashley and Toby asked me to photograph their son's birth I, overjoyed, scared, thrilled, and mostly honored. I truly admire the way they approached this pregnancy and birth with such calm—making informed decisions where they could and letting things happen as they would otherwise. I truly believe that pregnancy and birth can affect a woman dramatically. I sincerely pray that every woman could have an experience that leaves her feeling proud, empowered and in awe of the beautiful miracle we get to be a part of. It doesn't matter if your birth is medicated, unassisted, at home, at a hospital, or in an operating room. It's yours. It's beautiful. And you can take part in it. I could witness a baby being born every day and never get enough! For Ashley and Toby, it turned out to be a beautiful day full of quiet, calm, peace and love. It was just the outcome everyone had hoped for—healthy and happy baby boy welcomed lovingly into the arms of his happy parents, sister, and family.

It's what Ashley said to me after seeing these photos that will stick with me for a lifetime:

It was such a blessing to have you there with us and to capture such an important day in our life. Not only was it the day we completed our family and brought Archer into the world, it was healing for me personally to have such a positive birth experience. Having the photos to document the details of that experience gives me something tangible as a reminder of this whole journey - like the end of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. The photos are truly amazing.
— Ashley

See their maternity photos here.

Thank you again Ashley and Toby and the doctors and nurses at Deaconess.