Daddy / Daughter Lake Times | Chelan, WA

The family cabin at Lake Chelan holds special memories for everyone in my husband's family. As of Marlow, it's been in the family for 5 generations! For us, it's where we told his family that we were pregnant, on Father's Day two years ago. It's where Marlow's grandparents spend most summer weekends relaxing. This summer marked Marlow's first summer camping stay at the cabin. She loved going fast on the water in Grandpa's boat! She loved feeding ducks, making her cousin push her around in her car, putting her feet in the water and running about. It was the first of many great times there for Mar. It was especially sweet to see my husband able to show his daughter around where he and his brother used to play for hours in the water "fighting" the waves. Enjoy a couple pics from the weekend!