Badten Reception | Waterville

Well here's something you don't see on my blog every day - a WEDDING reception! I am so thankful that our friends Tyler and Taerrah asked me to photograph their formals and reception. T&T had a beautiful wedding in Mexico the week before, then came back to get the party started in Waterville. 

About that (dare I say vintage) grain elevator. I've passed by this building 100 times in Waterville (which is FULL of sweet gems like this) and thought about what a great back drop it would make. It was pretty awesome to have chilly, but great weather in February so we could use it! I love it so much; we might take some of our own family photos there sometime. :)

Tyler and Taerrah, we are so happy for you! Taerrah, what a gorgeous bride you make. Thank you for choosing me; thank you for being our friends; thank you for dancing with Marlow and letting her pet your dress; thank you for a great night. We wish you a very happy and blessed future as Mr. and Mrs.