36/52 A morning with the Zanol boys | Tri-Cities |

When we moved to Spokane from Tri-Cities nearly 3 1/2 years ago now (wow time flies), we knew what we'd miss the most. Our friends. Friends like these with whom laughter is easy. Mornings are lazy. Pajamas are the dress code.

We visited the Zanols a couple weeks ago to see their new-to-them house. I decided to wear my camera around as we toured the property. This was the first part of our week-long vacation and I mostly intended on documenting it for ourselves. It turns out there were little moments and sights that ended up being so precious to all of us.

This is the house where Noah and Eli will grow up, will go from running around in capes to bringing friends over for camp outs and bon fires, where they'll take pictures with their prom dates on the grand staircase, where their parents will have put blood, sweat and tears into making it a home, where overgrown and neglected garden beds will bear fruit for years, where family memories will be made. 

In all of about 15 minutes of walking around and watching the kids come and go, we ended up with a sweet assortment of photos that capture a Saturday morning in the life of the Zanol boys during this season of their lives in their new house. Marlow obviously had a blast with her buds. I hope they are friends forever. Here's to more un-shoots. :)