Kraft Family Fall Photos | Downtown Spokane

You might remember the Kraft family from here, here and here (I kinda never let you go;) ). Clearly I've photographed their family a lot, but the most amazing thing about my relationships with my clients/friends and namely, you, Krafters, is that I am given a huge blessing by being able to journey with your family throughout the years. This has never meant more to me than it does now. This week has been particularly challenging for our city. I hope you are all recovering from the aftermath of the storm that hit this week. But for this family, the storm had already begun and it will continue for a while. My friends, the Krafts, are facing a unique time and taking on one of the biggest challenges of their lives so far. They are bright, bold, brave, and beautiful in all ways. This year we had key timing with this shoot—it was on a good day, it was in great light, and it was a perfect representation of how them now—bright, brave, bold and beautiful, no matter what gritty challenges come and go in the background. Love you guys. Glad to have captured this moment in time for you.