Easter 2016 | Family Photography | Spokane

I really just love Easter. Last year I missed Easter with Marlow while I was in New York spending it with my sister. It was so much fun to see how much the experience with her changes each year. How much longer she can sit through church. How much more she wants to lead us in prayer at every meal. How much she enjoys being with family. How much she enjoyed running after eggs and not just stopping at each one to eat whatever was inside before moving to the next.

Mostly I am just so thankful for Easter. Thankful that we get four days off to spend reflecting from Good Friday through after Easter. Thankful that the miracle of Easter never ceases to amaze me and bring me a new lessons each year. I'm not the greatest with words, but I will share this post by a friend titled Easter Sunday Faith in a Friday World which especially moved me this year. Wishing you hope this spring!