5 Things to Do in Spokane with Your Littles on Valentine’s Day

If you're like us, you might not be planning any big romantic getaway for Valentine's Day this year. We work all week and love spending the weekends as a family! So, what better way to celebrate Valentine's Day than all together. Besides, I feel like babysitters all have their own plans and we don't have family in town to come hang out with the little. So, here we go! Ideas for a family-friendly love day! P.S. all of these photos are totally unprofessional old snaps from my instagram account. Friend me, yo.


1.      Go ice skating!

It’s one of the last weekends you’ll be able to take advantage of Riverfront Park’s Ice Palace. Your kids will be super impressed with your mad ice skating skills and it’ll be sure to wear them out. ;) Admission and shoe rentals are super cheap, too. While you’re there take a Spokane Falls Skyride. For the brave.


2.      Have a Date Night In!

Make homemade pizzas with heart-shaped pepperoni (use a small cookie cutter) or have breakfast for dinner and make heart-shaped pancakes, gather all the pillows and blankets and cozy up for your favorite Valentine’s Day movie. Even let them pick – Lady and the Tramp anyone? There’s nothing kids want more than time with you – keep it simple and make it happen.


3.      Shopping Spree!

Take the kids downtown or to Auntie’s Bookstore and let them pick out one thing for mom while mom gets to disappear for a bit to get a coffee or check out the Nordstrom makeup counter she hasn’t visited in years (seriously). Then, switch. Mom takes the kids for a 30 minute shopping spree to find something for Dad. Dad, hit up the Apple store uninterrupted (mom, take his credit card first). Everyone meet back up to share their gifts over dinner or lunch out. Maybe take the kids to Whiz Kids for one last shopping spree for themselves. Maybe. ;) While you’re downtown stop in to Auntie’s for Valentine Art Projects event from 1-3pm. Or, get a table together, get down to their level and everyone try your hand at painting your own pottery.


4.      Nature hike!

The weather has been amazing! Find a new place to go for a walk or an easy hike. My favorite – Bowl & Pitcher (where these photos were taken). Challenge the kids to find heart shaped leaves or sticks or rocks to collect. Take them home and put them in a jar. On the way home pick up cupcakes from my favorite cupcake shop, Sweet Frostings. Great for all ages.


5.      Say "I love you."

Here’s one last inexpensive idea. Give your kids a camera. No, not like a fancy schmancy camera. Just something simple. Either hand them your iphone for the day in kid mode (oh you don’t know about that? Read here, thank me later.) Or buy them a disposable camera. You know, the kind you have to wind up, put up to your face, save and develop later? Let them document the day. Even challenge them to take photos of things or moments they love. Get them printed and enjoy recounting the day later. They’ll be so proud of their work and you’ll love seeing yourself through their eyes. It will just prove that you don’t have to be perfect to be in photos and look perfect in your children's eyes. Then when you realize how long it’s been since your last photos as a family, call me. ;)