28/52 | Painting with Juju

Here's a throw back "one-a-week" photo set from one of my mom's visits this summer.
I love that I caught them in this fun moment painting and giggling and learning how to draw smiley faces. My mom used to paint back in the day. She really is an artist and has a natural ability to draw. Growing up, she would always leave cute drawings and florals on notes to us. I hope Marlow always gets to create, paint, and do crafts with her juju. Mom is such a natural at bringing out children's creativity and letting them make "messes"— I have so many memories of getting free access to the kitchen to make any kind of crazy concoction I wanted! I'm so thankful that Marlow gets to experience the same joy...hopefully in mom's kitchen, not mine. ;) Just kidding. Kind of.