37/52 Our Trip to Roche Harbor | San Juan

Thankful thankful thankful. That about sums up how I feel about having taken our VERY FIRST VACATION JUST THE THREE OF US (back in September)! Yep, just us since Marlow was born. I tell you what. It was 100% necessary and needed and worth it. We got to spend uninterrupted time just being together. Just typing that makes me want to cry. Not in between work and bedtime, not in between errands and play dates, nothing. Just hanging out and scouring beaches for shells and eating ice cream and going to the park. Take me back now. It was wonderful for rejuvenating us and for boosting our parenting confidence. That was what I wasn't expecting. I was totally expecting renewed sense of appreciate for each other, yes, but parenting? It was a rare, long stretch of time that we got to parent together, like at the same time, for a long time. We got in a groove. Marlow responded well. We didn't worry about potty training. We felt like rockstars. For like a minute, of course. ;) In the end, I can't wait to do this again and make a tradition out of it. Thank you to our aunt & uncle for lending us their beach rental for a getaway. As I approach a very, very busy season for our family, I will try with all my might to remember what this quiet time felt like and how much it is needed in our everyday life.

I tried, really, to remember to take photos, but I am truly not very good at remembering. Here is a little bit of our vacay: