25/52 Big cheeses

This little girl turned 2 1/2 this last week. She's cheeky and funny. Clever. Independent. A jokester. She loves singing especially Twinkle Twinkle Traffic Light (look it up) and Bidi Bidi bom bom (yes, Selena). She loves soccer tots and swim lessons and camping and feeding chickens, picking berries, doing "tricks", watching Daniel Tiger endlessly along with singing every single song on the show. At night she likes talking about "animals and friends." She loves all her family members and always mentions how she misses them. She always asks for noodles and okasu. She says funny things like, "Hey, be nice to me." and "Should I be shy?" and "Hey mom/dad, watch this cool trick!" or two weeks after our fish died, "Hey! Where's fish?!" Marlow he is in the ocean with his friends. "I want him to come home RIGHT NOW." And things that make us melt like, "Mommy, can you snuggle me?" or "um um my dad and my mommy are my HAPPY!" OMG Mar you are our happy, too.