22/52 Raindrops & Rain boots

This little nuggeteer is just more than words can contain these days. She's pure joy. She's been adding to her comedic routine by initiating a wild, fake laugh that instantly has us in an uproar and all laughing genuine belly laughs. Sometimes she uses this tactic to get out of being in trouble. She's full of mischief and big, expressive love. She's mastered bedtime stalling. She knows how to work a deal for yogurt drops or five more minutes of Daniel Tiger. She can go from making us crazy to saying things like "I"m so happy you're here." or "I'm so proud of you mama!" and bam you're an instant pile of mush. She's become a real backyard adventurer running around barefoot and laying in the grass staring at the sky in between feeding chickens and squashing ants. We constantly look at her and marvel. Love you cheeky.