13/52 And Then There Were Chickens

I would like to say we got chickens because Marlow HAD to have them, but let's be honest here. It was the king of the impulse buy, my dear husband, who said let's just go look at the chicks. This quickly turned into, "Hun, go get a cart." I will say this was only semi-impulse. We have wanted chickens for a while and I've read some books, etc, but we weren't quite ready yet. I mean I'm leaving for a week and we don't even have a coop. NO COOP! Ok, ok it's not such a big deal. They won't need for for a while, but if you knew how long it takes us to get projects done! Although, we do work best under pressure, so maybe this will work out.

Either way, meet Ruby, Sunshine, and Pepper. Or as Marlow says, "Ruby right now...Sunshine right now...Pepper right now. Oh they sleepin'!!"