Sohn Family | Bowl & Pitcher | Spokane Family Photography

I think it might be official. Bowl & Pitcher is a photographer's dream location - I'm so in love! I did this family shoot there last fall and was so happy to visit again this spring with the Sohn family! The light is always just so lovely, the sights are not only breath-taking but so calming and peaceful, and there is just so much to do and see. Every time I go, I do not want to leave.

I get to see Nicole and Avery almost every day where my daughter goes to school. I was secretly hoping I could get her trio in front of my camera! They are such a beautiful family - inside and out. Nicole and I have an easy connection as mothers, working moms, entrepreneurs, etc. Seeing her become a mom to Avery in his first year has been just so wonderful - he's such a sweet little boy! Guys, does Carl not remind you a little of Clark Kent? But like in the good superhero way? It was our first time meeting, but I can tell you his playful spirit is only part of what's making him a great dad! Thank you for spending your evening with me, Sohn family! Sorry not sorry I blogged so many images. ;-)